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Alternate Title: Hug a developer day

When you’re an author you often switch between being your biggest fan and biggest critic.  However, regardless of which hat is being worn you’ll be extremely proud of your work.  You’ve spent weeks if not months writing the story, implementing the story into your mission and then even more adding details.  Still, realistically not everyone will like what you’ve created  and may leave negative feedback.

Don’t take it personally (#1)

Take it constructively. If you’re getting a bunch of reviews saying “the combat is too hard” look over the battles.  Maybe having three hard groups bunched together works for your Foundry toon and even your Main toon, but poor Joe McWorksAllDay doesn’t have time to get an elite set of gear and is getting pasted.  If you’re getting reviews saying “this mission is boring you walk around so much” take a look at how you’ve spaced the objectives.   Not all players enjoy being forced to walk five minutes between objectives even if you’ve built an entire city by hand.  These reviews are doubly important when a mission is just published as this is your first look at how others are experiencing it.  In fact what I like to do is send a mail to the early reviewers asking for more thoughts on what they liked and what they didn’t, allowing me to refine it further.  Occasionally you can get some good ideas from them too.

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I just wrote a post on StarbaseUGC with some ideas on how to improve the Foundry review system.


PrimetimeUGC has upload the fourth part of Kirkfat’s Back to Basics series.

This part of Back to Basics goes over how NPC and NPC groups are used in the editor.

Things that will be different for the Neverwinter author:

  1. Sector space/Map transition
  2. Ship NPC group scaling
  3. Level restrictions based on chosen NPC groups

Map Transition

As mentioned in the previous Back to Basics post we mentioned how map transitions work.   Instead of Sector Space,  Neverwinter will have a map with points of interest that you can visit.  If you want to know how it works watch Back to Basics III.

NPC Group Scaling

Currently we don’t have any info on how NPC groups scale based on the number of players in the UGC mission.

NPC level restriction

Currently we don’t have any info on how NPC groups force a level restriction on the UGC mission.

PrimetimeUGC has upload the third part of Kirkfat’s Back to Basics series.

This part of Back to Basics goes over the Storyboard and how to create map transitions using Cryptic social zones and custom maps.  The video is primarily for Star Trek Online’s foundry authors so I’ve included what differences Neverwinter authors should expect in their version after the video.

There are three things in the video that will be different for the Neverwinter author:

  1. UI
  2. Map Transition
  3. Space!

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Over on the StarbaseUGC Kirkfat’s Foundry Essentials videos have been running a series called Back to Basics.  These are extremely basic tutorials which will give prospective Neverwinter Foundry authors  an idea of how to plan their own missions.

Part 1 - http://starbaseugc.com/index.php/trailers/essential-viewing/foundry-essentials-back-to-basics-series-part-i-by-kirkfat/

Part 2 - http://starbaseugc.com/index.php/trailers/essential-viewing/primetimeugcs-foundry-essentials-back-to-basics-part-2-intro-to-map-making/

Once Part 3 is posted we’ll share it here right away.

While it’s been a little quiet on the Foundry news side we’ve recently gotten a hold of a couple screenshots and are extremely excited to share them with you.  We’ll go through what’s been changed from the STO Foundry, and what’s completely brand new.

The first screenshot shows the costume builder and the second shows the exterior map editor.

Costume Builder

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