We were recently given the chance to submit questions from the community to the Foundry Team of Neverwinter, Foundry Producer Rob Overmeyer took some time out of his busy schedule to answer them.

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Q. An issue that has always plagued UGC Content is the proliferation of “Farming” or Exploit missions. We’ve seen such things already happen in STO’s Foundry despite recent changes to counteract them.

What are you doing to safeguard against these missions/quests?

A: There are a host of protections we can and have put in to safeguard against these types of quest but the truth is, this is an ongoing task for us and we need to keep watch and be diligent to address any and every issue with exploits that arise. We have adjusted rewards based on time as well as plays of a quest. The biggest improvement is how we “qualify” a quest and how we reward that quest.

Q. Will we be able to create persistent zones such as Taverns, Guild Halls, Player Homes and general RP zones using the Foundry Toolset? If so, will it be from Launch?

A: There will not be any persistent zones but you can absolutely make Taverns, Guild Halls and Homes that you and your friends can use as meeting places. Persistent maps are a very interesting idea though.

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