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In this video I take a look at doors, and how to set them up.  The video covers how doors are auto-cut into the rooms, placing more than one door between rooms, fake doors, and various scripting options you have available.  Doors are pretty simple to understand once you understand their quirks, so fire up the video and take a look.

While it is possible to do your quest in a single map, that can be a bit boring.  The focus in this video is going over how you can transition between different maps and what can be used for the transitions.  The primary thing to keep mind is that transitions can only be triggered in the story flow.  So if you want to change maps it must be part of the story.  This means, since the story is 100% linear, that your map transitions will be 100% linear as well.  It is also worth keeping in mind that once you leave a map you can never return to it.  Transitions are one way only.  Now you can create the illusion of returning (say it with me: smoke and mirrors) by duplicating the map, but that’s it.  So this means you can’t setup a situation like in NWN 1 or 2 where you can enter/leave buildings, at least not without some intense work and/or clever thinking.  As always, pay attention to how Cryptic handles their transitions in the official maps to get a feel for how the system is intended to work.

In this post , sominator lists some updates to the Foundry


  • Audio now works properly after projects are published .
  • Deleting items no longer potentially causes a crash.
  • Many Illusionary objects have been added to the Foundry .
  • Inspect Object objectives are now available on Cryptic maps.
  • Interact Text and Interact Animation tasks now take the author to the correct editor.
  • More Behaviors have been added for NPCs, generally dealing in non-combat behavior .
  • Projects with room doors set to “This Component Complete” as a hide condition have been fixed up so they no longer have that condition.
  • The buttons on the project dashboard now link properly to the listed sites.
  • The Review popup after completing a Foundry quest is now more difficult to accidentally close .
  • The “Sneak Peek” reviewer achievement now properly unlocks.
  • Well-Informed contacts now properly show the correct estimated playtime of Foundry quests.
  • Several stability improvements to the Foundry have been implemented.

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