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The Neverwinter devs will be doing a webchat on Friday the 27th of September at 5pm PDT on the GlobalGamers IRC network.  Details below along with a link to a web browser client for those who don’t want to download an IRC client -

Hostname: irc,
Channel: #Neverwinter
Browserchat link:

The first episode of the Tavern UGC Podcast went live last night where I discussed the upcoming updates to the Foundry in the Feywild update, the recent profanity filter bug and 2 reviews.

Listen here


Tired of being the Hero by Stebss (NW-DDFOXU8C2)

Protect the caravan by Nokturnal (NW-DSVCX8LD4)

Hey there people, with tomorrows Fury of the Feywild patch we’ll be getting a load of new updates to the Foundry, I’ve gone through the test server patch notes for the last few weeks since the testing for Module 1 began and pulled up all the relevant patch notes collecting them all here for you to read through without having to search through weeks of patch notes.

See you all in the Feywild.

On Test – 08/21/13

User Interface

  • Profanity filter should be less aggressive to the word “pens” and a couple other cases.

On Test 08/15/13

3D Edit Mode

    • Returning from Edit Mode now spawns the author at the correct Y location.
    • The ESC menu can now be clicked on when entering the menu with an object selected.
  • Authors may no longer incorrectly enter Edit Mode when previewing their projects in Cryptic maps (like Protector’s Enclave).
  • “Invalid Name” errors in project names now properly explain the reason for the error.
  • Reach Marker objectives no longer incorrectly show many more maps than expected.
  • Search: Performance has been improved for searches with Language set to All.
  • Search: The Featured tab now shows featured archives.
  • The “Clear Room” and “Populate Room” buttons once again function in the Map Editor.
  • When the ampersand (&) is used in a quest title, it no longer shows up html encoded in the quest journal.

On Test 08/09/13

  • A few cases where certain widgets in the Foundry Editor stole cursor control have been addressed.
  • Authors may no longer change the Y rotation value on Teleporters and cause strange issues with player orientation.
  • “Refill HP” in Preview mode is now “Full Heal.” This button also properly removes injuries.
  • Respawn points may now be rotated in 3D Editing mode.
  • Teleporters may now be rotated in 3D Editing mode.
  • The client no longer crashes when attempting to use the Gnarlroot Caves custom map.
  • The cursor no longer tends to show twice in certain circumstances.
  • The Depthfade Black Large 01 asset is now properly aligned when placed on the map.
  • The Foundry Review pop-up no longer incorrectly asks players to review a project if it is not reviewable.
  • The look of the Project Chooser has been updated.
  • Various typos have been addressed across the Foundry editor.
  • Well-Informed Barmaids and other Foundry contacts now show the correct play count.
  • When attempting to delete a single actor from an encounter, a confirmation dialog now asks if the author wishes to delete the encounter as a whole.

Test on 07/22/13

  • With the release of Fury of the Feywild comes a new suite of assets for use in the Foundry! Among these are…
    • Costumes: Moon and Sun Elves, seen in the Sharandar zone itself.
    • Custom Interior Kit: Elven City
    • Encounters (New): Redcaps, Trolls, Fomorians, Cyclopses.
    • Encounters (Special): Adventurers.
      • The NPCs in these encounters use modified versions of player powers. They come in Friendly and Enemy varieties.
      • Classes: Cleric, Wizard, and two types of Guardian Fighters are currently represented.
    • Maps: Sharandar and its instanced areas.
    • Objects: All new Feywild assets – Props, FX, and Skies.
    • The Search feature has had a significant upgrade!
  • There is now a “Show Advanced” button allowing players to do a quick or powerful search at their leisure.
  • Players may now click an “Exact” checkbox when specifying Author or Short Code.
  • Players may now add searchable tags to their quests, such as, “Story Rich,” “Combat Heavy,” or “Exploration.”
  • Actors are now always visible in an Encounter even when fully zoomed out.
  • Drowcave buildings now have doors.
  • Fantasy Forest trees have an updated texture that tiles more gracefully.
  • Fantasy Forest trees have had a major optimization pass.
  • Keybinds have been updated to support the current suite of commands.
  • The Delete Characters button is now clearer in its purpose.
  • The Preview Editor now supports editing the positions of Teleporters, Traps, Reward Chests, Combat Jobs, Sounds, and Respawn Points.
  • The Quest Path has been repaired in several prefab maps, including Stormcaller Caves, Sanatorium, and Shadowfire Caverns.
  • There is now a Free-Camera mode in the Preview Editor.
  • When changing an Encounter, Actor properties are now reset. There is a confirmation dialog to help prevent wiping Actor properties by accidentally changing an Encounter.

As some of you may already be aware, the profanity filter has recently had a load of new words added to it, several of  which are common words used in everyday conversation.  Whilst this list is hardly comprehensive I’m hoping to keep it up to date at least whilst the filter is so aggressive.

The following words are now considered profanity by the filters in both the Foundry and ingame chat.

me in
one eyed

Please feel free to add any more that you find in the comments section.  I’ll keep you updated on this issue as we find out more.

UPDATE: This has been confirmed as a bug and the team are working on it.

UPDATE: Supposedly fixed on test as of 08/21/13

Good Samaritan by @Adderal

This mission looked like it could be a good story mission, but ended up turning into a fairly generic combat mission.  The mission is a good with most of it being explained  but it’s unfortunately still a standard hack and slash mission against evil cultists at the core.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but it did have a promising start.


The Beast Within by @Celantra

This is a fairly involved story mission with a lot of text that delves into the history of Neverwinter, Lord Neverember and the Nashers.  There’s a lot of reading involved as well as a decent amount of combat, but the combat doesn’t detract from the rest of the mission.  The missions final end left me wanting more from these characters, so I hope this is the first in a long campaign.


Today I set off on my journey to discover the best the Foundry had to offer, and I’m sorry in advance to all  my future reviewers, but the bar is set, and the bar is set high.

A Friendly Reminder by @jkpark

This is a fairly short mission that is more story than combat, the mission is centred around a murder and a local lord who was a friend of the deceased.  The mission is fairly straightforward unfortunately due to the golden paths if you choose to follow them, but overall it’s a good mission and well written.

The only flaws I found in the mission would be moving the respawn point in the next to last map as the fire in the corner looks fairly bad, and changing the searching the mansion quests into parallel objectives.

Overall the mission is fairly short but well written with a couple of difficult combat encounters near the end with a satisfying conclusion.

4/5 Stars

<Picture to come>

The Lanaar Legacy by  @TiLT42

This is the sequel to The Hidden Blade which many of you may have played in the Closed Beta weekends and answers some of the questions that mission brought up.  The mission is well written and whilst it is long (45-60 minutes) is packed with exploration and objects to interact with and give backstory and in jokes, and the final section of the mission is well done and excellently written.  Here’s hoping that the future installments of From the Shadows live up to the reputation that the first two have built up.


We’ve all seen the recent posts about how the XP adjustments in the Foundry have been too heavy handed, but the question is: Are they?  One thing is for sure, there needed to be answers to the recent spate of exploit missions, but was this a complete nerf that will never be undone, a band-aid to patch over the exploit missions or simply a bug that made the nerfs be overbalancing and a detriment to XP in the Foundry.  This morning, I set off on a quest to find out.

I loaded up Neverwinter and set out on a quest to discover if the nerfs were as bad as people said.  I did notice a lower amount of Green+ loot drops and a distinctly lower amount of mob XP, however the quest completion XP was certainly more than it was before, so missions that take time to complete and are more than simply a lot of mobs too kill will give most of their missing XP in the quest reward.

Whatever the difference is between now and before, I will stand by my belief that this is a temporary fix to resolve the exploit missions whilst the NW dev team deal with game breaking bugs and server stability, if there is a definite reduction to the Foundry rewards then it will only prove detrimental to the game in the long term, especially with how the Foundry is such a large part of their advertising for the game.

But were the exploits as bad as to deserve the bannings and mission removals that have been happening, based on the recent wave of bans in STO over their recent foundry exploit then this certainly isn’t an overreaction.

Cryptic need to set a tough stance from the start, if they let these exploits for XP and loot drops slide then it opens the same doors as recently seen in STO where people pointed out that they hadn’t touched the exploiters when it was 1440 Dilithium per day, but pounced like tigers when it was millions, if Cryptic set a firm no exploits stance now when they have a lot more under their control thanks to the wrapper, then their stance is perfectly clear if they choose to move to a system similar to STO’s where the missions reward dilithium based on average time.

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