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Good Samaritan by @Adderal

This mission looked like it could be a good story mission, but ended up turning into a fairly generic combat mission.  The mission is a good with most of it being explained  but it’s unfortunately still a standard hack and slash mission against evil cultists at the core.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but it did have a promising start.


The Beast Within by @Celantra

This is a fairly involved story mission with a lot of text that delves into the history of Neverwinter, Lord Neverember and the Nashers.  There’s a lot of reading involved as well as a decent amount of combat, but the combat doesn’t detract from the rest of the mission.  The missions final end left me wanting more from these characters, so I hope this is the first in a long campaign.


Greetings, I want to take the time today to share a review for a fantastic set of quests that are easily some of my favorites.  So I will be calling this a Spotlight.

The follow review is actually a detailed review for the second quest in the Dungeons of Dread Campaign, called Labyrinth of Lunacy, however, I played the first two quests back to back and much of the basis of the review takes this into account.  Simply put, you must play the first quest for the second to make sense.  And it was Epic.

As always if you wish to leave feedback on the Authors forum page

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Quest:Labyrinth of Lunacy NW-D59SX98WX
Forums: chili1179
Reviewed by @jedensuscg
Forums: hercooles130uscg

In one paragraph: A story driven quest that is light on reading, balanced on combat and a load of fun. A play through of the first quest IS A MUST however for maximum enjoyment.

Mission Graph
These are NOT ratings but are indications of how much I personally experienced while playing the quest. They do not necessarily jive with the authors intent or other players experiences.

Overall Ratings
Overall 5 out of 5
Fun Factor – 5 One of the few quests where I did not anticipate getting to the end.
Story 4- Take a dramatic turn from the previous quest. Well written.
Combat 4 – Fun, balanced, and not in your face.
Puzzles 3 – Maze of a map combined with simple explore to find the needed and hidden object
Exploration and World 4 – Not only forces you to explore, but also encourages it.

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Greetings and cheers fellow tavern goers.  I am Hercooles130uscg (the Herc) and I am here to tell you a little tale by the fire.  I will be bringing you my detailed reviews to you here at TavernUCG alongside the Official Forum version.  If you would like the up to the minute posting of all my reviews, or information on how you can help me review or get your content reviewed you can stop by my

Some information on how my little process works.  Every quest I review is submitted to me via an online form, tracked in a database, and I play each one in order.  I try not to play favorite, even with authors I know and respect.  My criticism is based on personal opinions only and reflects my play style.  However, I do try to be objective when it is necessary.

To start things off, I will present you with TWO reviews done for the Campaign Planescape – The Skeleton Key by @Drakedge2

Feel free to visit the above link to leave feedback directly on the Author’s forum post.

Quest: Prologue NW-DUPGY7BWX
Author: @Drakedge2
Forum Name: Drakedge2
Reviewed by @jedensuscg
Forum Name: hercooles130uscg

In one sentence: A solid first quest from an author that promises good things with future updates.

Mission Graph

Ratings Out of 5
Overall 4 Stars
Story 4
Combat 3
D&D lore 4
Puzzles N/A
Exploration 3

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