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Bazag Stabs Episode 8 is up for viewing. Listen to it

Hey everybody. My apologies for getting this posted late.

Here’s PrimetimeUGC-Episode 27 with Cryptic’s Mark Overmeyer.

You’ll just have to listen as there is a placecard through the interview.

Animating it turned into a major headache. The rest of the episode is normal.

As normal as we get, anyway. Enjoy.

This week Bazag Stabs looks at Triggers. The what, the why and the how. Click to listen.
Show Notes:

Trigger Overview

How Triggers work Differently in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.

Using Triggers with Skill checks

Using Triggers with Item checks

Trigger: Component Complete

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Trigger: Component Reached

Trigger: Dialog Prompt Reached

Trigger: Objective Complete

Trigger: Objective in Progress

Trigger: This Objective In Progress

Trigger: This Objective Complete

Trigger: This Component Complete

Hello there Everyone!

We’re delighted to be posting our Fifth episode of DrivetimeUGC, that aired LIVE on the 1st of September 2013 at www.cerberusfilms.net/Live .

Thank you to those who listened “Live”

Join long time STO players and Foundry Authors Cerberusfilms , CaptPFDennis , Kirkfat ( Kirksplat ) and Castmodean as they talk about STO, the Foundry and even some Neverwinter, because

Foundry Guru Rob Overmeyer stopped by to talk about just that.

– Show Notes/Host Topics –

- Rob Overmeyer Interview

- Post Interview Discussion

- Our Best and Worst ST:TOS Season 2 Episodes

And of Course

Castmodean’s Casting Couch…

Plus lots of other random but completely related side topics!

The Podcast is also available to download, the link is in the description of the YouTube Video .
Make sure to subscribe to catch each episode and all the other great content released!

Contact us via email
or via Twitter



In this week Bazag Stabs reviews some foundry missions.

Show notes:

Baz reviews: Duritanium Man by Zorbane. A Fed mission for characters Lvl 40 or higher.

A Word from our sponsors

Baz Reviews: Encounter at Sess’Innek Temple by Izatar

You can listen to the full show

Bazag Stabs is a new foundry podcast covering all sorts of foundry-related topics for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

Come and join me, Bazag, as I talk and shoot the breeze and have a bit of fun.

Episode 2 has just been released and  is now available to download or listen to.

The first episode of the Tavern UGC Podcast went live last night where I discussed the upcoming updates to the Foundry in the Feywild update, the recent profanity filter bug and 2 reviews.

Listen here


Tired of being the Hero by Stebss (NW-DDFOXU8C2)

Protect the caravan by Nokturnal (NW-DSVCX8LD4)

Bazag Stabs is a new foundry podcast covering all sorts of foundry-related topics for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

Come and join me, Bazag, as I talk and shoot the breeze and have a bit of fun.

The first episode is available here

Hi NW Foundry authors,

We’re looking for active and successful authors to participate in a weekly podcast.  This podcast would be similar to the format of a Star Trek Online podcast, called “The Foundry Roundtable.”

Click on their banner to listen to their latest podcast:

The show’s format is pretty simple.  A group of 3 or 4 authors (often along with a guest) get together to discuss:

  • Any news or updates
  • What they’re currently working on
  • What they’ve played recently
  • Any special topics relating to the Foundry community

This has been a great podcast for the STO community, so we’re looking for folks who would like to do it for NW.  We can help with hosting, if necessary.  We will do all that we can to promote and support your podcast.

If interested, then please email [email protected] or stop by our chat and talk with Cerberus or Drogyn.

We can help a host with the technicalities of recording a group Skype call, along with other issues.

This is our 20th episode, and to make it more special, we have a Neverwinter exclusive.

We spoke with Zeke Sparks, Lead Designer, and Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer.

There are also, not 1, but 2 mission reviews this time around.

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