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Hey everybody. My apologies for getting this posted late.

Here’s PrimetimeUGC-Episode 27 with Cryptic’s Mark Overmeyer.

You’ll just have to listen as there is a placecard through the interview.

Animating it turned into a major headache. The rest of the episode is normal.

As normal as we get, anyway. Enjoy.

Good Samaritan by @Adderal

This mission looked like it could be a good story mission, but ended up turning into a fairly generic combat mission.  The mission is a good with most of it being explained  but it’s unfortunately still a standard hack and slash mission against evil cultists at the core.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but it did have a promising start.


The Beast Within by @Celantra

This is a fairly involved story mission with a lot of text that delves into the history of Neverwinter, Lord Neverember and the Nashers.  There’s a lot of reading involved as well as a decent amount of combat, but the combat doesn’t detract from the rest of the mission.  The missions final end left me wanting more from these characters, so I hope this is the first in a long campaign.


Greetings and cheers fellow tavern goers.  I am Hercooles130uscg (the Herc) and I am here to tell you a little tale by the fire.  I will be bringing you my detailed reviews to you here at TavernUCG alongside the Official Forum version.  If you would like the up to the minute posting of all my reviews, or information on how you can help me review or get your content reviewed you can stop by my

Some information on how my little process works.  Every quest I review is submitted to me via an online form, tracked in a database, and I play each one in order.  I try not to play favorite, even with authors I know and respect.  My criticism is based on personal opinions only and reflects my play style.  However, I do try to be objective when it is necessary.

To start things off, I will present you with TWO reviews done for the Campaign Planescape – The Skeleton Key by @Drakedge2

Feel free to visit the above link to leave feedback directly on the Author’s forum post.

Quest: Prologue NW-DUPGY7BWX
Author: @Drakedge2
Forum Name: Drakedge2
Reviewed by @jedensuscg
Forum Name: hercooles130uscg

In one sentence: A solid first quest from an author that promises good things with future updates.

Mission Graph

Ratings Out of 5
Overall 4 Stars
Story 4
Combat 3
D&D lore 4
Puzzles N/A
Exploration 3

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Today I set off on my journey to discover the best the Foundry had to offer, and I’m sorry in advance to all  my future reviewers, but the bar is set, and the bar is set high.

A Friendly Reminder by @jkpark

This is a fairly short mission that is more story than combat, the mission is centred around a murder and a local lord who was a friend of the deceased.  The mission is fairly straightforward unfortunately due to the golden paths if you choose to follow them, but overall it’s a good mission and well written.

The only flaws I found in the mission would be moving the respawn point in the next to last map as the fire in the corner looks fairly bad, and changing the searching the mansion quests into parallel objectives.

Overall the mission is fairly short but well written with a couple of difficult combat encounters near the end with a satisfying conclusion.

4/5 Stars

<Picture to come>

The Lanaar Legacy by  @TiLT42

This is the sequel to The Hidden Blade which many of you may have played in the Closed Beta weekends and answers some of the questions that mission brought up.  The mission is well written and whilst it is long (45-60 minutes) is packed with exploration and objects to interact with and give backstory and in jokes, and the final section of the mission is well done and excellently written.  Here’s hoping that the future installments of From the Shadows live up to the reputation that the first two have built up.


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