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In this video I take a look at doors, and how to set them up.  The video covers how doors are auto-cut into the rooms, placing more than one door between rooms, fake doors, and various scripting options you have available.  Doors are pretty simple to understand once you understand their quirks, so fire up the video and take a look.

While it is possible to do your quest in a single map, that can be a bit boring.  The focus in this video is going over how you can transition between different maps and what can be used for the transitions.  The primary thing to keep mind is that transitions can only be triggered in the story flow.  So if you want to change maps it must be part of the story.  This means, since the story is 100% linear, that your map transitions will be 100% linear as well.  It is also worth keeping in mind that once you leave a map you can never return to it.  Transitions are one way only.  Now you can create the illusion of returning (say it with me: smoke and mirrors) by duplicating the map, but that’s it.  So this means you can’t setup a situation like in NWN 1 or 2 where you can enter/leave buildings, at least not without some intense work and/or clever thinking.  As always, pay attention to how Cryptic handles their transitions in the official maps to get a feel for how the system is intended to work.

Greetings internet. This is Languard Gemstrike, @gemstrike from the forums. For a while now I’ve been working on a video tutorial series covering various aspects of the Foundry toolset.

To start with, here’s the entire playlist of tutorials:

Now for a bit more detail. The first four videos are connected. They cover the creation of a very basic adventure from start to finish. It is an excellent starting point for those that are wanting to begin, but are feeling a little lost. And if you feel so inclined, the tutorial quest can be played in game, with annotations at various points. Do a search for #tutorial and you’ll find it. The remainder of the videos in the list are on specific topics, such as OR logic, transitions, and so on. Over the next week or so I’ll be working on getting write-ups done on each of the topics so it can be a bit easier to find the ones that you want.  And just in cast you want to start with the first video right now, here it is:

So that’s where things stand now, what about the future? Well I’m not done yet. At this time I have on my to-do list videos on Doors, Encounters and Costumes, and the Story Tab. I’m also always open to suggestions on which topics to videos on next. Once I feel I’ve ran out of Foundry specific videos (at least for a moment, I’m sure updates will prompt new topics) I’ll begin a series on general level design theory, as great adventures are seldom 100% spontaneous affairs, they require careful thought and planing.

So that’s it for now. Go learn, go create, and we’ll all share a mug of ale around the fire after a fun adventure.

This was originally posted on StarbaseUGC, our sister site, but it applies to Neverwinter as well.

We want you to make mission trailers. Plain and simple. We want you to make them and post them on this site. Trailers are cool and fun to watch, but “I don’t know how to use demorecord” is a consistent complaint that we hear. Then we say “There are tutorials you can watch”, but people are still intimidated by it. “There is sooo much to it. Where do I possibly begin?”

I’m here to tell you that it’s so easy, even an old coot like me can figure it out. Most of the features that scare the crap out of you, don’t even NEED to be used. I’m just going to tell you what I do.

A quick explanation of demorecord:

Ok, to begin, let me just point out that the demorecord function of Star Trek Online is not working quite as it was intended to work. Since it was developed it has suffered with subsequent upgrades to the game. It will no longer display custom NPCs. Any NPC one has made in the Foundry costume editor will not be visible upon playback. Nobody at Cryptic will repair it because they claim it was never meant to be used by the general public and the guy who programmed it is no longer an employee. That being said, I will attempt to get you started on the simplest way to use this mechanic.

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Part 2, 3, 4, and 5, as well as other NW Foundry tutorials can be seen here .  Please support this site , as NWUGC continues to help new authors learn the toolset.

PrimetimeUGC has upload the sixth part of Kirkfat’s Back to Basics series.

This part of Back to Basics goes over how to use the numerous types of triggers in the Foundry.

PrimetimeUGC has upload the third part of Kirkfat’s Back to Basics series.

This part of Back to Basics goes over the Storyboard and how to create map transitions using Cryptic social zones and custom maps.  The video is primarily for Star Trek Online’s foundry authors so I’ve included what differences Neverwinter authors should expect in their version after the video.

There are three things in the video that will be different for the Neverwinter author:

  1. UI
  2. Map Transition
  3. Space!

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Over on the StarbaseUGC Kirkfat’s Foundry Essentials videos have been running a series called Back to Basics.  These are extremely basic tutorials which will give prospective Neverwinter Foundry authors  an idea of how to plan their own missions.

Part 1 - http://starbaseugc.com/index.php/trailers/essential-viewing/foundry-essentials-back-to-basics-series-part-i-by-kirkfat/

Part 2 - http://starbaseugc.com/index.php/trailers/essential-viewing/primetimeugcs-foundry-essentials-back-to-basics-part-2-intro-to-map-making/

Once Part 3 is posted we’ll share it here right away.

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