If you need to register your handle, please read on…

  1. First, set your user-name in the above interface.
  2. Then press the CONNECT button and you will automatically enter the #TavernUGCchatroom.
  3. In the text field type /NickServ REGISTER password email ; but don’t forget to place your password and email in the command.
  4. Wait for the authentication email message and then follow the instructions in it.
  5. From now on, whenever you will enter the #StarbaseUGC chatroom NickServ may ask you to identify yourself, to do so type /NickServ IDENTIFY password ; and don’t forget to place your password in the command.

Also, you can add our irc channel (#TavernUGC) to you pidgin or mibbit chats. We use irc.geekshed.net and the port is 6667. Doing it that way allows you to chat with our channel and your guilds at the same time.