Site Guidelines:

  • Use the “More Tag” : It is important to use the “more tag” when posting to the blog.  People don’t want to see walls of text on the front page.  So, if your post is longer than a few paragraphs, please hit the “more” button under the html tab at a specific spot in your post.  This adds a “continue reading” button to your post as it appears on the front page.
  • Proofread Your Posts : Spend 5 minutes proofreading your posts.  We won’t be militant about it, but sheer laziness won’t be tolerated.
  • Don’t Spam : You may use the blog to promote and advertise your missions, but this self-promotion should be done in style.  Think of your advertisement as a full page ad in a magazine, not a classified ad in the back of a newspaper.  This means that you need to take some time writing the mission description and inviting other people to play it.  At the very least, include a few screenshots.  We highly encourage you to also include quotes of user reviews, Youtube trailers of your mission, and photoshopped content such as a mission banner.  Basically, don’t spam the blog with “Play my mission!” blurbs that will push quality posts to the bottom of the front page.  Instead, take some time to craft your “commercial.”  For specific instructions for how to do any of this, see Blog FAQ above.  Also, please do not post more than 1 ad a day, so if you have a 4 part series, then try to include one post about all 4 parts, rather than 4 different posts back-to-back.
  • Don’t Spoil : When reviewing a mission, please only include mission spoilers after the “more tag” in a post.  This allows our users to have a choice of reading the review and seeing the spoilers, rather than having spoilers in their face when they visit the front page.  Please also keep the reviews constructive and professional.  Nicely illustrated reviews are a big hit.  Here is an example of a great mission review .
  • Don’t Post Malicious Content :  Do not post links or information about 3rd party software or other “hacks” that Cryptic views as dangerous or detrimental to the game or players, please.  Malicious content also includes clear infringements on copyrights, unethical uses of edits or credits, and the advocacy of other unethical machinima/Foundry practices.
  • Other Guidelines :  As always, please treat other posters with respect.  Keep all images and posts PG.

Blog FAQ:

Q: Who is allowed to write for Tavern UGC?

A: Anyone, as long as she or he follows the posting guidelines.

Q: What is the hierarchy of users and privileges?

A: Users are divided into three main camps:

“Subscribers” – People and bots who’ve registered for the site, but have never followed instructions to “Become a Contributor.” These users cannot write for the blog, and their post comments are subject to mod approval.

“Contributors” – New authors, writers, or NW players who’ve completed the “Become a Contributor” process.  Their blog posts and first comments are subject to mod approval (as to guard against spam).  Due to wordpress user category restrictions, contributors cannot upload pictures to posts.  They must use photobucket or another service to post screenshots, banners, etc.  However, they may post Youtube videos.  For info on how to do that, see below.

“Authors” – Known Foundry authors, recognized members of the NW community, and anyone else who is deemed trustworthy.  These users may post to the blog without a pending process, and they may upload images to server (to use in blog posts).  Authors must still follow the posting guidelines.

There are also editors and admins who act as mods.

Q: Can I use the blog to advertise my Foundry mission?

A: Yes, of course, but follow the posting guidelines and please do not spam.

Q: Can I use the blog to review other Foundry missions?

A: Yes, of course, see above answer.

Q: Can I use the blog to promote my website?

A: This depends on the content of your website.  The content of the site, podcast, or individual blog post must be relevant to Foundry authors and related to UGC content or other stuff that is relevant.  Also, please do not spam.

Q: Can I use the blog to promote 3rd-party software?

A: This is a tricky and controversial question.  There are some 3rd-party programs which are great and extremely valuable tools.  But, there are other 3rd-party programs that Cryptic Studios dislikes, and it will harm the site’s relationship with Cryptic if those tools are promoted.  If you’re not sure, then please ask in the chat room.

Q: How do I contact an admin?

A: You can check our live chatroom. There’s usually someone in there 24/7 who might be able to help, including the site admin team most of the time. Alternatively, you can send a tweet to @starbaseugc or write to [email protected]

Q: How do I upload a picture to use in a blog post? Or, how does a new contributor include an image in a blog post?

A: Only “authors” can upload pictures in the wordpress interface.  Clicking the New, then media will allow them to do so, and then they can “Insert into Post.”  New users and “contributors” will have to use photobucket to insert screenshots and banners.  Once they obtain the embed code from photobucket, they can insert that code into the ‘html’ part of a blog post.  (The wordpress interface has a “visual” box and a “html” box which can be switched between at the top right of the posting interface)

Q: How do I post a Youtube video?

A: It’s very easy to do! On YouTube, just click share and copy the link. Paste the link into your post where you want it to appear and it will automatically embed a YouTube player for you.

Q: Can I use other services besides Youtube?

A: Authors can include embed codes from many different types of hosting sites, but new users may have to use YouTube.

Q: Do I have to register for both the blog and the chat room?

A: Yes, unfortunately.  Sorry for the hassle, but each is a different ‘place.’

Q: I have a different question. How do I get an answer?

A: Please join us in the chat room, and we’ll help you.