Want to promote your UGC content or review UGC missions? Want to share tips, secrets, and tutorials? Just want to post your thoughts about UGC?

Well, you’re at the right place. Tavern UGC aims to be a fully user-generated site, where the members post to the blog and collaborate on new UGC missions.

We only ask that you follow a few guidelines: Posting Guidelines and FAQ

If you can follow these rules, then do two things (sorry, it’s a little complicated):

STEP 1. Register for the blog. Once done, you will be a “subscriber.”

STEP 2. We need to verify that you’re not a spam bot. Please email [email protected] or visit the chat room .  Usually there is someone in there who has the power to change your status.

Once we’ve verified that you’re human, we’ll change your blog status from “subscriber” to “contributor,” giving you posting permissions on the blog. You can then submit blog posts promoting your UGC content, reviewing others, etc.

How to do that:

You can post to the blog after you login with your username and pass. Look at the options near the top of the site. It should show you an option for “add new” and “post.” When you click that link, the blog window opens up. You may have to dabble with it if you’re not familiar with wordpress.  If you get confused, visit the chat room .  When finished, press publish. A mod will review it and post it within a few hours.

Note: Until you obtain “author” status as a regular and known poster, you will need to use photobucket or other hosts for all images. Insert the embed html code of your photobucket pics into the html tab of the wordpress blog interface. You will not have permission to upload files as a new contributor. Sorry, this is a limitation of the wordpress user categories.

Also, Youtube videos may be inserted by putting in the simple youtube link to your video. In a blog post hit “Enter,” paste the link, and hit “Enter” again. A simple http: link to the video will show up as the video, so don’t worry about the embed codes.

Again, if you have any questions, visit the chat room .