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Bazag Stabs Episode 10 – Puzzles

Nov 30
Posted on November 30th, 2013 by Rants

In this Bazag takes a stab at Puzzles. Listen

Bazag Stabs Episode 9 – Collaboration

Nov 16
Posted on November 16th, 2013 by Rants

With the completion of Star Trek Online’s first major Collaborative Foundry Mission series, Purity, Bazag Stabs talks about how collaboration can occur with the toolset how it is currently. Listen to the episode or on iTunes.

Bazag Stabs Episode 8 – Reviews!

Nov 6
Posted on November 6th, 2013 by Podcasts

Bazag Stabs Episode 8 is up for viewing. Listen to it

Neverwinter Developer IRC Webchat

Sep 23
Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by Rants

The Neverwinter devs will be doing a webchat on Friday the 27th of September at 5pm PDT on the GlobalGamers IRC network.  Details below along with a link to a web browser client for those who don’t want to download an IRC client -

Hostname: irc,globalgamers.net/6667
Channel: #Neverwinter
Browserchat link: https://webchat.globalgamers.net/?channels=Neverwinter

In this week’s episode Bazag pits the two foundries against each other. Star Trek Online vs. Neverwinter… Which foundry comes out on top?

Listen to it to find out.

Hey everybody. My apologies for getting this posted late.

Here’s PrimetimeUGC-Episode 27 with Cryptic’s Mark Overmeyer.

You’ll just have to listen as there is a placecard through the interview.

Animating it turned into a major headache. The rest of the episode is normal.

As normal as we get, anyway. Enjoy.

Bazag Stabs Episode 4 – Triggers

Sep 7
Posted on September 7th, 2013 by Podcasts

This week Bazag Stabs looks at Triggers. The what, the why and the how. Click to listen.
Show Notes:

Trigger Overview

How Triggers work Differently in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.

Using Triggers with Skill checks

Using Triggers with Item checks

Trigger: Component Complete

A message from our Sponsors

Trigger: Component Reached

Trigger: Dialog Prompt Reached

Trigger: Objective Complete

Trigger: Objective in Progress

Trigger: This Objective In Progress

Trigger: This Objective Complete

Trigger: This Component Complete

From Neverwinter

Welcome to the Neverwinter Foundry Spotlight !

The Foundry is Neverwinter ’s featured toolset that allows players to create dungeons, stories, and adventures for everyone to play and experience.  With the Foundry, you can build your own missions, brimming with quests, non-player characters (NPCs), monsters, role-playing opportunities, and/or non-stop combat, and share them with the world.  Your imagination is the springboard for the Neverwinter Foundry.

The Foundry Spotlight is a community-driven column that focuses on hand-picked, inventive player-created dungeons that allow for action-packed combat, fun roleplaying opportunities, or other unique experiences.  These exciting missions are recommended if you’re looking for a place to start with playing user-generated content, or searching for inspiration for your own future dungeons.

This month’s spotlighted quest is “ Tower District Travails ,” by Celantra , the first-place winner of the Foundry Contest: Tower District !

Quest Type: Story, Combat, Spoof

Average Duration: 29 minutes

Amount of Combat: Medium (there are companions to assist as well)

Starts at: Tower District

Mission Summary:

Strange things are happening in the Tower District. The Many-Arrows Orcs have disappeared, and while some consider this to be blessing, most are looking to discover what has happened.

Sgt. Knox has sent you to the Tower District to find out where the Many-Arrows Orcs have gone, and what kind of threat this may portend for the people of Neverwinter . The guard investigating the disappearance is Guard Keldom , who is stationed in the Tower District Guard Offices in a quiet corner of the Tower District. Meet him there to discover what is known so far.

Join the discussion on the Foundry Contest: Tower District forum thread !

Hello there Everyone!

We’re delighted to be posting our Fifth episode of DrivetimeUGC, that aired LIVE on the 1st of September 2013 at www.cerberusfilms.net/Live .

Thank you to those who listened “Live”

Join long time STO players and Foundry Authors Cerberusfilms , CaptPFDennis , Kirkfat ( Kirksplat ) and Castmodean as they talk about STO, the Foundry and even some Neverwinter, because

Foundry Guru Rob Overmeyer stopped by to talk about just that.

– Show Notes/Host Topics –

- Rob Overmeyer Interview

- Post Interview Discussion

- Our Best and Worst ST:TOS Season 2 Episodes

And of Course

Castmodean’s Casting Couch…

Plus lots of other random but completely related side topics!

The Podcast is also available to download, the link is in the description of the YouTube Video .
Make sure to subscribe to catch each episode and all the other great content released!

Contact us via email
or via Twitter



Bazag Stabs Episode 3 – Reviews!

Aug 30
Posted on August 30th, 2013 by Podcasts

In this week Bazag Stabs reviews some foundry missions.

Show notes:

Baz reviews: Duritanium Man by Zorbane. A Fed mission for characters Lvl 40 or higher.

A Word from our sponsors

Baz Reviews: Encounter at Sess’Innek Temple by Izatar

You can listen to the full show

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