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Bazag Stabs- Episode 2

Aug 23
Posted on August 23rd, 2013 by Podcasts

Bazag Stabs is a new foundry podcast covering all sorts of foundry-related topics for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

Come and join me, Bazag, as I talk and shoot the breeze and have a bit of fun.

Episode 2 has just been released and  is now available to download or listen to.

Tavern UGC Podcast

Aug 22
Posted on August 22nd, 2013 by Podcasts

The first episode of the Tavern UGC Podcast went live last night where I discussed the upcoming updates to the Foundry in the Feywild update, the recent profanity filter bug and 2 reviews.

Listen here


Tired of being the Hero by Stebss (NW-DDFOXU8C2)

Protect the caravan by Nokturnal (NW-DSVCX8LD4)

Hey there people, with tomorrows Fury of the Feywild patch we’ll be getting a load of new updates to the Foundry, I’ve gone through the test server patch notes for the last few weeks since the testing for Module 1 began and pulled up all the relevant patch notes collecting them all here for you to read through without having to search through weeks of patch notes.

See you all in the Feywild.

On Test – 08/21/13

User Interface

  • Profanity filter should be less aggressive to the word “pens” and a couple other cases.

On Test 08/15/13

3D Edit Mode

    • Returning from Edit Mode now spawns the author at the correct Y location.
    • The ESC menu can now be clicked on when entering the menu with an object selected.
  • Authors may no longer incorrectly enter Edit Mode when previewing their projects in Cryptic maps (like Protector’s Enclave).
  • “Invalid Name” errors in project names now properly explain the reason for the error.
  • Reach Marker objectives no longer incorrectly show many more maps than expected.
  • Search: Performance has been improved for searches with Language set to All.
  • Search: The Featured tab now shows featured archives.
  • The “Clear Room” and “Populate Room” buttons once again function in the Map Editor.
  • When the ampersand (&) is used in a quest title, it no longer shows up html encoded in the quest journal.

On Test 08/09/13

  • A few cases where certain widgets in the Foundry Editor stole cursor control have been addressed.
  • Authors may no longer change the Y rotation value on Teleporters and cause strange issues with player orientation.
  • “Refill HP” in Preview mode is now “Full Heal.” This button also properly removes injuries.
  • Respawn points may now be rotated in 3D Editing mode.
  • Teleporters may now be rotated in 3D Editing mode.
  • The client no longer crashes when attempting to use the Gnarlroot Caves custom map.
  • The cursor no longer tends to show twice in certain circumstances.
  • The Depthfade Black Large 01 asset is now properly aligned when placed on the map.
  • The Foundry Review pop-up no longer incorrectly asks players to review a project if it is not reviewable.
  • The look of the Project Chooser has been updated.
  • Various typos have been addressed across the Foundry editor.
  • Well-Informed Barmaids and other Foundry contacts now show the correct play count.
  • When attempting to delete a single actor from an encounter, a confirmation dialog now asks if the author wishes to delete the encounter as a whole.

Test on 07/22/13

  • With the release of Fury of the Feywild comes a new suite of assets for use in the Foundry! Among these are…
    • Costumes: Moon and Sun Elves, seen in the Sharandar zone itself.
    • Custom Interior Kit: Elven City
    • Encounters (New): Redcaps, Trolls, Fomorians, Cyclopses.
    • Encounters (Special): Adventurers.
      • The NPCs in these encounters use modified versions of player powers. They come in Friendly and Enemy varieties.
      • Classes: Cleric, Wizard, and two types of Guardian Fighters are currently represented.
    • Maps: Sharandar and its instanced areas.
    • Objects: All new Feywild assets – Props, FX, and Skies.
    • The Search feature has had a significant upgrade!
  • There is now a “Show Advanced” button allowing players to do a quick or powerful search at their leisure.
  • Players may now click an “Exact” checkbox when specifying Author or Short Code.
  • Players may now add searchable tags to their quests, such as, “Story Rich,” “Combat Heavy,” or “Exploration.”
  • Actors are now always visible in an Encounter even when fully zoomed out.
  • Drowcave buildings now have doors.
  • Fantasy Forest trees have an updated texture that tiles more gracefully.
  • Fantasy Forest trees have had a major optimization pass.
  • Keybinds have been updated to support the current suite of commands.
  • The Delete Characters button is now clearer in its purpose.
  • The Preview Editor now supports editing the positions of Teleporters, Traps, Reward Chests, Combat Jobs, Sounds, and Respawn Points.
  • The Quest Path has been repaired in several prefab maps, including Stormcaller Caves, Sanatorium, and Shadowfire Caverns.
  • There is now a Free-Camera mode in the Preview Editor.
  • When changing an Encounter, Actor properties are now reset. There is a confirmation dialog to help prevent wiping Actor properties by accidentally changing an Encounter.

Bazag Stabs is a new foundry podcast covering all sorts of foundry-related topics for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.

Come and join me, Bazag, as I talk and shoot the breeze and have a bit of fun.

The first episode is available here

New Profanity Filter

Aug 16
Posted on August 16th, 2013 by Rants

As some of you may already be aware, the profanity filter has recently had a load of new words added to it, several of  which are common words used in everyday conversation.  Whilst this list is hardly comprehensive I’m hoping to keep it up to date at least whilst the filter is so aggressive.

The following words are now considered profanity by the filters in both the Foundry and ingame chat.

me in
one eyed

Please feel free to add any more that you find in the comments section.  I’ll keep you updated on this issue as we find out more.

UPDATE: This has been confirmed as a bug and the team are working on it.

UPDATE: Supposedly fixed on test as of 08/21/13

Video Tutorial: Doors

Jun 25
Posted on June 25th, 2013 by Tutorials

In this video I take a look at doors, and how to set them up.  The video covers how doors are auto-cut into the rooms, placing more than one door between rooms, fake doors, and various scripting options you have available.  Doors are pretty simple to understand once you understand their quirks, so fire up the video and take a look.

While it is possible to do your quest in a single map, that can be a bit boring.  The focus in this video is going over how you can transition between different maps and what can be used for the transitions.  The primary thing to keep mind is that transitions can only be triggered in the story flow.  So if you want to change maps it must be part of the story.  This means, since the story is 100% linear, that your map transitions will be 100% linear as well.  It is also worth keeping in mind that once you leave a map you can never return to it.  Transitions are one way only.  Now you can create the illusion of returning (say it with me: smoke and mirrors) by duplicating the map, but that’s it.  So this means you can’t setup a situation like in NWN 1 or 2 where you can enter/leave buildings, at least not without some intense work and/or clever thinking.  As always, pay attention to how Cryptic handles their transitions in the official maps to get a feel for how the system is intended to work.

Updates and Additions

Jun 6
Posted on June 6th, 2013 by News

In this post , sominator lists some updates to the Foundry


  • Audio now works properly after projects are published .
  • Deleting items no longer potentially causes a crash.
  • Many Illusionary objects have been added to the Foundry .
  • Inspect Object objectives are now available on Cryptic maps.
  • Interact Text and Interact Animation tasks now take the author to the correct editor.
  • More Behaviors have been added for NPCs, generally dealing in non-combat behavior .
  • Projects with room doors set to “This Component Complete” as a hide condition have been fixed up so they no longer have that condition.
  • The buttons on the project dashboard now link properly to the listed sites.
  • The Review popup after completing a Foundry quest is now more difficult to accidentally close .
  • The “Sneak Peek” reviewer achievement now properly unlocks.
  • Well-Informed contacts now properly show the correct estimated playtime of Foundry quests.
  • Several stability improvements to the Foundry have been implemented.

This week’s spotlighted quest is “ Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter ” from the campaign “ The Assassin Chronicles ” by Zovya !

Quest Type: Roleplay, Combat

Average Duration: 15 minutes

Amount of Combat: Adjustable Combat Difficulty, Medium to Heavy

Starts at: Blacklake Market District

Mission Summary:

You are on a routine adventure clearing the Blacklake Market District of a Nasher Rebel uprising when you meet a random woman with a curious request.


“Nice quest, looking forward to the next chapter!” – unikt

“Great story, good job fellow player!” – aquintela

“Very fun, and the difficulty slider is very creative too.” – kuronochikai

Author Tips:

You can play good or evil. Your decisions affect the story.

A combat difficulty slider allows you to customize the encounters.

Chapter 2: The Initiation is due out this week!

Join the discussion on the Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter forum thread !

Greetings internet. This is Languard Gemstrike, @gemstrike from the forums. For a while now I’ve been working on a video tutorial series covering various aspects of the Foundry toolset.

To start with, here’s the entire playlist of tutorials:

Now for a bit more detail. The first four videos are connected. They cover the creation of a very basic adventure from start to finish. It is an excellent starting point for those that are wanting to begin, but are feeling a little lost. And if you feel so inclined, the tutorial quest can be played in game, with annotations at various points. Do a search for #tutorial and you’ll find it. The remainder of the videos in the list are on specific topics, such as OR logic, transitions, and so on. Over the next week or so I’ll be working on getting write-ups done on each of the topics so it can be a bit easier to find the ones that you want.  And just in cast you want to start with the first video right now, here it is:

So that’s where things stand now, what about the future? Well I’m not done yet. At this time I have on my to-do list videos on Doors, Encounters and Costumes, and the Story Tab. I’m also always open to suggestions on which topics to videos on next. Once I feel I’ve ran out of Foundry specific videos (at least for a moment, I’m sure updates will prompt new topics) I’ll begin a series on general level design theory, as great adventures are seldom 100% spontaneous affairs, they require careful thought and planing.

So that’s it for now. Go learn, go create, and we’ll all share a mug of ale around the fire after a fun adventure.

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