Hi NW Foundry authors,

We’re looking for active and successful authors to participate in a weekly podcast.  This podcast would be similar to the format of a Star Trek Online podcast, called “The Foundry Roundtable.”

Click on their banner to listen to their latest podcast:

The show’s format is pretty simple.  A group of 3 or 4 authors (often along with a guest) get together to discuss:

  • Any news or updates
  • What they’re currently working on
  • What they’ve played recently
  • Any special topics relating to the Foundry community

This has been a great podcast for the STO community, so we’re looking for folks who would like to do it for NW.  We can help with hosting, if necessary.  We will do all that we can to promote and support your podcast.

If interested, then please email [email protected] or stop by our chat and talk with Cerberus or Drogyn.

We can help a host with the technicalities of recording a group Skype call, along with other issues.